What Makes a Great Web Site?pink flower

  • A site that captures and reinforces your brand image
  • A site that presents a professional first impression
  • A site that educates clients on your products and services
  • A site that provides an effective communication tool
  • A site that generates new business
  • A site that elevates awareness of your business to a national or international level

Focusing Your Company Brand

Many times when a small business owner decides to commission a web site they really have no idea where to begin. If you are a sole proprietor just starting your business or an established corporation it is essential to substantiate or reinforce your company brand. Companies usually begin with either a logo or website to inaugurate their market identity. Even if you have both a logo and a website, do either of these capture you or your company image?

Branding is about finding your niche and the unique image that your products and services bring to the marketplace to create your professional identity. Here at Jen Reckard Designs, I can help you to drill down and focus your company brand so that you can successfully communicate and showcase your business on the internet.